Take your first step
and see the world


Spend your money worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.


Safer than carrying cash. Your card is equipped with advanced
chip and PIN technology.


Add funds and reload anytime. Great for travel budgeting.

How it works

  • Apply at one of partner travel agencies. All
    you need is a piece of government issued
    identification and 5 minutes.

  • Receive your EP Travel card and add funds

  • Spend your money anywhere Visa is accepted. Add more funds as you go at any of our partner travel agencies.

Be your best financial self

Everyday People Financial was founded on the belief that everybody deserves access to credit.

Our team makes your financial journey our number one priority because we believe that everyone deserves access to credit.

EP Travel is a division of Everyday People Financial Corp. (“EP”),  headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada. EP Travel partners with travel agencies, airlines and government agencies to help everyday
people make easy and instant payment when they are travelling abroad.